Our law firm has extensive appellate litigation experience.  We have litigated appeals on behalf of both civil and criminal clients in the US Supreme Court, the US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, and the North Carolina Court of Appeals. 

While the majority of our appeals involve cases in which we were primary trial or litigation counsel, other lawyers and law firms also have hired us to file appeals on their clients’ behalf.

Noteworthy cases include:

  • United States v. S.K, 446 Fed. Appx. 558 (4th Cir. 2011):  We won a new sentencing hearing for a client who was improperly sentenced in federal court to a term of imprisonment of 268 months under the Armed Career Criminal Act.
  • Garlock et al. v. Wake County, 211 N.C. App. 200 (2011): We, along with another law firm and public interest groups, represented several citizens who alleged that the Wake County School Board violated the Open Meetings law in the process of abandoning the school system’s policy aimed toward maintaining racial diversity in public schools. The Court of Appeals held that the school board violated the Open Meetings law.
  • Frink et al. v. Batten et al., 197 N.C. App. 231 (2009):  We represented successfully the estate of a mentally ill man who committed suicide in the Columbus County jail while awaiting trial on misdemeanor traffic offenses.  The Court of Appeals affirmed the trial court’s denial of the defendants’ motions for summary judgment.
  • Frink et al. v. Batten et al., 184 N.C. App. 725 (2007):  In the same case discussed above, the defendants also appealed the trial court’s denial of their motion to transfer venue, and the Court of Appeals ruled that venue was proper in any county in which some part of acts or omissions giving rise to the case arose.

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