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Business and complex commercial litigation

North Carolina Commercial Litigation Lawyers

Blue LLP prosecutes and defends business disputes, including claims for breach of contract and arising under state and federal antitrust law. Our lawyers’ depth of litigation experience has enabled us to solve incredibly complex problems, both effectively and efficiently. As a result, we have achieved extraordinary results across a broad range of commercial claims. Our clients have included publicly traded companies, small businesses, and everyday people.

Our success is based on our approach to each and every case. We focus on fact development and legal analysis so that we can present the most compelling narrative possible. We also embrace technological innovation so that we can litigate cases not only efficiently, bust most importantly, effectively.

We Offer Flexible Billing Arrangements

Many small and medium-sized businesses are often constrained by litigation costs. Sometimes, the choice can be between foregoing a valid legal claim and paying high legal fees. Large law firms are notorious not only for billing junior attorneys at absurdly high hourly rates, but also for staffing unnecessarily large teams to handle business disputes.

We offer flexible, alternative billing arrangements in certain types of cases. This practice let our clients know in advance how much their lawyers will cost.



Breach of Contract

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Class Actions


Intellectual Property

Qui Tam / False Claims Act

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