Our attorneys have experience helping clients buy and sale commercial and residential property across North Carolina. Whether we’re putting them in new homes or helping them invest in rental properties, we understand real estate.

We also assist clients in all legal matters associated with purchasing, selling or financing private homes. We work with both first-time homebuyers and experienced investors through the offer, due diligence, title reseach, and puchase of real property throughout North Carolina, and with an emphasis on Wake, Durham, Orange, and Johnston Counties. We work with a wide range of realtors, lenders, surveyors, and title companies.

We help our clients:

  • Draft and understand all documentation, including contracts regarding purchase and sale, contractors, developers, subdivision covenants, loan agreements and lease agreements
  • Refinance their homes or tap into home equity loans
  • Order surveys and resolve boundary disputes
  • Negotiate easements
  • Navigate heir property and petitions to partition real estate
  • Resolve zoning and land use issues
  • Review and negotiate financing terms